Basil Leaf Technologies

They’re called “vital signs” for a reason

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously strained the nation’s emergency rooms and urgent care facilities. At the same time, interest in telemedicine has skyrocketed.

  • What if today’s telemedicine, often limited to video chat, could be augmented with a full set of vital signs? How much more effective could it be?

  • What if ERs and urgent care facilities could rapidly triage, expedite care, and utilize aides instead of highly trained techs or nurses to collect vitals? How much more effective and efficient could they be?

  • What if the patient at home, concerned for her health or the health of a loved one, could self-collect vital signs and share them with her primary care physician? How much faster could she get needed attention and/or derive peace of mind? How much more satisfying a relationship could be built with her PCP?

DxtER ™ is making these “what if’s” reality.


In 2017, the DxtER ™ system, developed by Final Frontier (now Basil Leaf Technologies) won the Qualcomm Tricorder Xprize. Of the 312 teams that competed, DxtER ™ came out #1 in accurately diagnosing 13 health conditions, collecting and analyzing a series of vital signs, and providing a compelling consumer experience.

Now Basil Leaf Technologies is bringing the next generation of DxtER™ – squarely focused on accurate and simple collection of vital signs – to the telemedicine, urgent care, and concierge medicine markets.

“An inevitable revolution in healthcare is coming. In this revolution, the consumers are the drivers and technology is the equalizer.”

— Dr. Basil Harris